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Ray Antonison is an artist and video creator residing in Manhattan, New York, with experience in content creation, social media, and launching brands. Ray grew a GIPHY account, Unpopular Cartoonist, with SEO and trend analysis, maintaining top results on searches. With a niche interest in mental health and healing, Ray works on posts promoting positive messaging in the recovery community. As a disabled and queer creator, many of Ray's projects have emphasized inclusivity.  By building connection through social media, Ray has been part of international campaigns, animating works for non-profits and artists. Ray is a self-taught animator who draws by hand, incorporating motion graphic editing into final designs, and uses layers techniques they learned from their work as a collage artist. If you know Ray is an artist you want to work with but don't know where to start, ask for a collage one day and see what happens.

Clients have included

The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative

Feel Good Action

Jalopy Theater

Anomalus Productions

Moira & Claire

GENLUX Magazine

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