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Ray Antonison is an artist and video creator residing in Manhattan, New York, with experience in content creation, social media, and launching brands. Ray runs a GIPHY account, Unpopular Cartoonist, and maintains top results on searches; their interest is in expanding the stickers and GIFs available for disability representation. Ray has grown numerous social media accounts both in production and in front of the camera, and has worked in marketing as a digital creator, writer, director, and manager. Ray is currently taking commissions for animated videos, GIFs and stickers, graphic design, graphic art, and merch design. 

Clients have included

The United Nations Girls' Education Initiative

Feel Good Action

Jalopy Theater

Anomalus Productions

Moira & Claire

GENLUX Magazine


How do you make your animations?

A mix of different programs, mostly Procreate and Final Cut Pro; all art elements are drawn by hand and some videos use motion graphics.

Are you taking commissions?

I am open to all digital projects, video editing, and animation.

What's your price?

If something seems out of your budget but you want to collaborate, let me know your limit and we'll make it work. I'd rather make you something than not be asked!

Price depends on length of project.

Digital art: $300

Posters, invitations: $300

Merch design: $300

GIFs: 1 for $150 or 3 for $250

Stickers: 1 for $150 or 3 for $250

Animation under 15 seconds: $300-500

Longer animations: inquire with project details for quote

Video editing: inquire with project details for quote

Motion graphic video: inquire with project details for quote

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